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Saturday, 13 October 2007


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Love your artwork Ginny, and the stories about the names. It's interesting where all our names come from!

I love it when your name reflects your family history. While Robin is because of a "Rheingold Girl", Dale is after my maternal grandfather's Grandmother, Clara Sophia Dale.

Have a great week!


Ginny: Love your art and your blog. I also have an unusual Swiss last name: Beffa. My father being the Swiss and my mother being Mexican and me being first generation American. I can relate to the part about growing up with the siblings before me in school/community (we are 4 girls/1 boy). I love my combination!

Oh and I forgot to mention I just got a Moleskin journal and can't wait to "art-it-up"!

Starting in January, Moleskine products will be available through Chronicle Books (www.chroniclebooks.com). Chronicle has been making some aggressive acquisitions recently and this is the latest.
They will not however have sixty different authentic cheese labels.

mmmmmmmmm absolutely luscious books. love that mesh around the edges secured with the eyelets. your creative cup runneth over.

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