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Monday, 05 November 2007


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You have a fantastic space for your art room! I love looking at other people's art spaces!

you are too neat and tidy - actually I am just envious ;)

you are too neat and tidy - actually I am just envious ;)

you have awesome scrap room!!!

What a wonderful looking fun studio! It looks like a great place to play~! I love all the eye candy too.
Thanks for sharing!

But, Ginny, isn't the organizing and reorganizing the best part of having all that stuff? I feel so industrious after I've moved some stuff around and tweaked a few things that are 'almost' in the perfect arrangement.
DH has attached all the furniture to the walls so they won't fall over as they did in the '94 earthquake. I can't rearrange them but I can move all the goodies in my studio to my heart's content.

So, you put your snow cone machine away in a cabinet after every use!

How many syrups do you have?

Thanks for sharing a peek into your creative area. Seeing how others organise their space is always interesting and that guy on the wall is fabulous.

Love your studio Ginny!! It's a subtle hint to get me to photograph mine too ;) Thanks for sharing!!

Your "art" room is FanTaSTic/Gorgeous!!!!! Where did you find your guy bulletin board...WhaT a TrEaSurE!

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