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Monday, 11 February 2008


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Don't worry, more mail art soon to be on its way.

Oh my, that's a lovely explosion of pink to get on a frozen day!!! Makes me warm and happy just looking at it!
You got some really unique looking stuff, especially love the valentine/card/what ever it is in the last pic. The little round headed female with a veil or something on her face, very cool!

What a great goodie box! Hope to see some creations made from these :)

Don't be disappointed. There will be more mail. I have to keep checking the date. I'm going crazy, I'm so busy here between work,home,art making, blog visits, life etc. Note to self: it's okay, slow down, take a breath.

What a wonderful package to brighten up your day!!

12, that's cold. I think it was 85 today.

The small porcelin doll head in the lower left corner of your last photo is a half (in this case, a seventh) doll. The ones with heads only were probably a pin cushion at one time. You may already know all this.

Anyway,I collected them and there are photos posted on my blog if you're interested. I'll check back to see what all that delicious stuff turns into!
Lovely photos!

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