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Friday, 01 February 2008


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Ginny - this is so funny! I'll be sure to send something your way just to amuse Josh and everyone involved :)

I too have a PO box for the same reason, but I do get other mail and my magazine subs sent there so they don't get wet in my house mail box. So its my house mail box that is a little deprived!!

FUN!!! Love the idea!!

Oh this is too darn clever!!!!! Definitely need to do something to get Josh's attention.... so, how about some insight into Josh.. is he a young man? Older fellow? Does he have a sense of humor, is he straight laced??? I'm sure they have seen it all...

Brilliant! I love to check my mailbox. Growing up we lived outside of "city limits" (and it was a town, not a city). We had a P.O. box my whole life. It was hard to explain to "city" folk and mailorder was a nightmare because we "lived in a box". Seriously, I was asked that several times! This post brought back some good memories of Greenfield, CA & missing my family back home. PS: We're gonna show that Josh!

Ah, Ginty! I do love you!

Oh boy! This sounds like such a fun idea!!!! I love getting mail, I love walking down the drive to check the mail box, it's always disappointing if there's not even a sale paper or flyer in there....
Won't Josh be surprised this month?

What a clever way to show Josh! And a great idea to bring some warmth into this cold and snowy winter. Terrific idea, Ginny. Thinking aleady!

OK Your'e on! Sending tomorrow.

what a fantastic idea. only you would think of it. opie says it's brilliant, but want's to know happens if there's no mail.
men! can't live with them, can't live with them!
anyway, just wanted to say hi and invite you to enter our one world-one heart giveaway on our blog.
BTW: amy is a DOLL - thank you.
~ l & o

Hi there!
I started to read your blog and couldnt stop...I loved every single story and I wanted to know if I can participate in your contest if im in the UK??Let me know.Even if I can't, Im loving your blog and now you cannot get rid of me as you are already in my favourite lists:)

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