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Saturday, 01 March 2008


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Getting a letter is a treat, but even an email is a treat if it's not just some forwarded thing. I do mail real letters fairly often, as in at least twice a month and more if I can remember to for my Grandma back home. Sometimes to my Mom as well (usually we just email)
My husband and I wrote real letters back and forth as well as emails and online chats before we met in person. It's true, typed is lovely but someone's own handwriting has that special quality, familiar, a glimpse of personality. Maybe in the future people won't recognize each other's hand writing, I know my Mom's when I see it, and my Dad's and my brother's...maybe no one will know mine....hahaha how ever much the idea of real hand writing appeals to me I can just go so much faster and with no cramped hands when I type :)

I think Tace's comment is so true about possibly not recognizing a loved ones hand writing because of the lack of letters. Way back in the 70s I used to write my grandmother at least once a week since I had moved away from home. I still have all the letters that she wrote to me.

I tend to pick up letters written by others too at antique malls when I'm lucky enough to find them. I have a group of letters that were written during WWII from the boyfriend to his girl. They are WONDERFUL!

My mother-in-law refuses to use the computer to this day... so I write to her. She feels like you do Ginny... that there is just nothing like a letter!

Thanks for bringing this up!

I have never done any Mail art...This is quite intriguing. I may need to start. Thank you for your blog of inspirtation!

I found my first penpal when I was 7, and have enjoyed seeing 'real' letters in the mail ever since! There's nothing like receiving a letter in your hands :)

hi Ginny,
I know what you mean about getting real mail.. i host an ATC club and almost every day i receive little works of art dropping onto my hall mat..its like my birthday every week when i open the mail.
chriss x

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