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Monday, 03 March 2008


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Hey Ginny, before I forget - I have noticed you changing your profile picture lately, and I have been loving them! My fav was the one with the book with the pondering expression. Loved that!

Loved reading your 6 things. And next time I see you in person I'd love an old natter together to tell you my life story ;) Just so long as I hear more of yours!

Yep! I was reading this all the way to the end! ACK! Tagged! I'll work on it, I promise... I'm not a good taggee... but since I love reading everyone else's, I should pony up!

Happy Birthday! I'm a Pisces too (the 3rd). I have lots of Birthday sisters. xoxo

What's this NATTER stuff, Rachel??? WHAT???
Ok...I'll play when I think of a few ODD things...

Yum, cheese. We're big cheese lovers too. In our family we bring the cheese to any get togethers. I'm not even sure it's us they're inviting any more or the cheese. haha We have cheeses in the fridge the way some people have sauces. A few times I've counted how many kinds we have at once but it just ends in a hedonistic cheese fest.
We are powerless to resist buying new kinds, we pour over the shelves at the super market and dream of owning a cow some day...sort of for serious. Once we visited a Gouda making farm in California, a small but tasty farm. haha

Hi again Ginny
Love your blog - and the natter. I'm not sure how to do the linky thing so I thought I'd try and copy and paste my recent tag. To let you into the secret of fives!!

1. My second name is Aukje. It is a Friesian name, that as I child I didn't like. Now I am proud of carrying it, that old family name.

2. My fifth birthday was on the 5th of the 5th of 55. Beat that if you can.

3. When my eldest son was born 18/4/73. His grandfather in Holland received a telegram to tell him of the child's arrival - the telegram arrived at his place on the 17th of April. (True, MJ still has the telegram as proof)

4. Met Lex at a friends place in Ohaeawai, Northland, NZ at age 45. Ohaeawai consists of a garage, a pub, a butcher shop and grocery store. Blink and you miss it. We found out we were born in the same place in Holland (Amstelveen) delivered by the same doctor and midwife. I lived next door to his mother's uncle for the first five yrs of my life. Would we have met if our respective parents hadn't emigrated to NZ?

5. I once sat at the dinner table till 9pm at night looking at five brussel sprouts on my plate. Hated the smell of them.(at approx age of 8)

6. I went to primary school in Dieren, St Agnes school in Arnhem, Holy Cross in Henderson, Christ the King is Owairaka, Marist Girls in Mt Albert. Auckland Uni, Victoria Uni and Waikato Uni.

7. Being born on the 5th of May in Holland they fly the flag to celebrate the end of WWI. Till age 7, I thought the flag was flown for me! True.

I'm obviously meant to read more of your stories. Another hour before my first client arrives - must go and make some coffee to keep me company.
Cheese - cheese any self respecting Dutch person just has a fridge full and takes it for granted. Unfortunately I've had to cut back my (gargantuan)consumption. Have too many favourites to mention This week it is Havarti.


I LOVE your blog!! You are just hitting your stride, methinks!

Jean Wrightnour, she who does eyes --and-- stamps!

You want a great cheese shop in NE Ohio?

West Point Market in Akron. Didn't I bring you there once?


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