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Wednesday, 02 April 2008


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I too long for some Cleveland workshops and there are few to be had. Recently I took a class with my friends Linda and Opie O'Brien in Chagrin Falls, but that was a rarity around Cleveland. It seems if you're a Northeasterner and you want to take any exciting workshops, there is always a long distance travel involved. If you ever decide to organize any workshops here, count me in. I would be thrilled to say the least!!!

Hey Ginny...
It took us 3 years to find a good Mexican restaurant, but we love the food at Don Ramon's in Parma Hts. Not sure you want to drive that far for Mexican & unfortunately, the margaritas are too sweet for my liking, so I just get beer. Great Chile Relleno, though...which is MY test of a Mex place. We love the shrimp fajitas, too.
If you come over this way, give me a call. xo Debbie===^..^===

Peninsula Art Academy has an altered book class soon.


There is another non-profit art group in Chagrin Falls. Valley Art Center.



How about Hollander's in Michigan? I've not been there but they have an extensive class list.

I've spent a lot of money on decorative paper thru internet with them. They have a great reputation too.


Ginny-love the Carolyn Waite book! Making books is a passion of mine. If you think it is tough finding workshops in Cleveland-you ought to try Iowa. Nothing, nada, zilcho!!!
chris p

i, too, am longing for a class. i'm not going to artfest this year. what i really miss is art continuum. i could drive, which made all the difference in expenses. plus there was hollo's to visit.

i was supposed to take an encaustics class at a local art center, but it was cancelled due to low enrollment. now i just feel an empty place and no other classes are around to fill it.

My husband and I lovvvvve Mexican food, and Tex-Mex. We eat cilantro like it's lettuce, we make ourselves giddy over great vats of spicy beans, spicy salsa and spicy chili gravy. We used to dine out a lot but now it's been ages, we have become food snobs, we like our own cooking best, and...dare I say it...our Margaritas could kick the butt of any Margarita we ever got at a restaurant. Though one has to be careful as Margaritas can kick the butt of any one should they're not careful.... Great post, I'm sure you guys can endure the incredible strain of trying all those Mexican eateries....

Ginny, can I get one of the Ephemera Books? I love them! Please let me know: jellisy@cox.net. Thanks!!

Local Girl Gallery in Lakewood has a long list of classes and will arrange classes for a group.
Bead Paradise in Oberlin has a list of classes.
Quilt Surface Design Symposium (www.qsds.com)also offers Collage classes for 2 or 5 days in June in Columbus.
Textile Art Alliance (part of Cleveland Museum of Art) also has a good list of playdays and offers a surprising amount of altered book and paper making classes.
Stamplistic in Amherst has classes but more about basic stamping type stuff.
That's all I can think of for now.
Mary Ann

Thanks for posting the quick Salsa recipe. I adore Mexican food too. My husband is not as keen about it, but he humors me.

Ginny, If you teach it, I will come! I'm going to try one of the classes at papercuts & gluesticks in Rocky River. Thanks to everyone who
told us about the other stuff going on.

Wow, I feel like a dolt not knowing about all these class ops. I will have to look into them all and report back.
I forgot that Andrea told me about papercuts which is close.
Thank you everyone.

We always test good Mexican by the charro beans and the salsa. Love your playbooks...what a great idea!

Ginny- I can't wait to visit your booth at Artiscape! Artiscape and your former Art Continum are/were highlights of my year in OH.

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