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Monday, 05 May 2008


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Great story Ginny. I stayed in Den Haag for a week while I was in Holland, also went to Rotterdam and surrounds, then up to Amsterdam for another week. We visited the Keukenhoff (sp?) gardens and also saw many tulip fields while we were there. I loved seeing the sea of color! I didn't know about the bulb production though - so that was interesting! Thanks for sharing! (LOVE your photo too! Great angle!)

While not the Netherlands, Holland Michigan is pretty dramatic in the spring as well. In fact, the Kalamazoo/Holland area is FULL of folks of Dutch descent and flower growers of all types abound. The city I live in, Portage, has volunteers that plant all the public spaces (highway medians, around the library and city hall, etc etc) with massive plantings--right now it's tulips. The people that volunteer get to keep the bulbs when they clean out the bed after bloom season. Seems like a good deal to me. My personal favorites, pink bleeding hearts, are just starting to bloom and the arch and wave gently over the walk leading up to my front porch and door. I have a friend who is a professional landscape designer and they came up and did a custom design for us. They told us at the time to consider it a "5 year plan". We're on year 4 now, and it's almost done. It is fabulous. I feel kind of guilty spending all that money on landscaping, but when people walk past my house, stop, stare and point stuff out to each other, it sure feels worth it.

Now I know why some of my bulbs don't come back,duh! HI nice to meet you Ginny.

That's so fascinating about the tulips in Holland. I would have freaked if I saw them all being be-headed. What a bizarre sight but how cool you got to witness it. If the deer eat tulips does that mean they're edible? Hmmm...I wonder.

When I read Michael Pollen's THE BOTANY OF DESIRE
I found out that the bulbs you buy in the store are 7 years old and they poop out several years after planting. The whole cycle starts by planting a tulip seed in Holland. So your experience (that he did not write about) makes sense. I was fascinated by your account, what a remarkable event! There's so much we don't know about everything around us.

My neighbor at the lake puts chicken wire around his tulip beds, otherwise they are deer potato chips!

what a beautiful photo and interesting story. love them both! makes me want to go to holland.

I am heading to The Hague the first week in June for work - thanks for the tips !

I have been looking through your art work and I am so inspired. The textures and design in your pieces are so imaginative. Thanks for sharing, Roxanne

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