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Wednesday, 07 May 2008


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I think some where in the dusty corners of my brain I might have known about digging up the bulbs to be replanted next year. I think I remember my Mother doing something like that, I definitely remember baskets of dirty bulbs that looked like freaky onions or something.
We do what we can to be green around here, we use compostable garbage bags for our trash, reusable cloth bags at the store, I even reuse produce bags when I can, we use fluorescent bulbs every where in the house now, we use an earth friendly dish soap, recycle everything that's recyclable for our area and have small mournful funerals for the stuff that's not every Thursday when the trash comes. We avoid purfumes, bleaches, and unnecessary plastics when we can and then balance it all off with a round of cussing so as to keep some balance in our life. hahaha ;)
Great Post, really got me thinking.

We've been using those funny light bulbs for several years now. Ever since we had a house fire because a ceiling light over heated due to high wattage bulbs. I try to buy less and make smaller meals so we don't have a lot of leftover waste. I turn off the water while brushing my teeth. I make my own "natural" cleaning products. They work really well, too!!!

-We have our own organic garden, which we've had for 10 years or so. We do not use pesticides. Any fetilizers are 100% organic.

-We compost daily. We have a small compost bin in our kitchen which my dh dumps at our big one in the garden. The compost gets used every spring in our garden.

-We share veggies overstocks from our garden with our friends as well as the foodbank. I also freeze and can our produce.

-We use a clothes line to dry our clothes when the weather is good.

-We shut off lights if we are not using them. (Everyone is extremely well trained in this in our home-thank my Gramps for that!)

-We recycle cans, plastic, paper, cardboard, etc. daily. In BC we get bins for this and they get picked up by the recycler guys on garbage day.

-We often carpool.

-We recycle grocery bags back to the store and are moving towards cloth bags.

-We have a water saver showerhead.

-We have a low flow toilet. (If you don't have one, you can make yours low flow by placing a brick in the toilet tank. The brick displaces water, requiring less. You can also bend the arm of the bulb in the tank down a bit so it takes less volume to float it. You'll fill the tank with slightly less water each flush.)

Very cool new products.

Yep, doing your things to try to be green and also, collage was a conscious choice to use the massive flood of images that bury us to make art. Its a reuse part of the equation. Also buying fair trade coffee, it uses 85% shade-grown and organic and that keeps the tree canopy in place for song-birds. Oh, also found a source for local chickens and milk, though that may not count as much.

Whats with the pin-hole in the stalk of the tulip? What does that do to make it last longer. I'll use that idea! Thanks!

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