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Thursday, 19 June 2008


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Awesome bench. I love stories like that behind a person's *stuff*.It looks like your Dad was inspired when he made it because it's a rather fancy little bench. Just lovely! I like the modern look of the canvas on top too. See you did end up putting more text round the house......

wow - wish we had duct tape parades around here! it would be fun. Love your bench, I agree with Tace, looks like it's a fancy little number!

I wondered if you would wander to the duct tape. Isn't that why you moved to Avon?


I wondered if you would wander to the duct tape. Isn't that why you moved to Avon?


I loved the little bench your dad made for you!! It was indeed fancy as your other commentors suggested... and i love the way you added your touch to it!

And thanks for the parade photos!! Very cool!! I love parades!!

A. Can't wait to see this book for myself!
B. Did you paint the top of the bench with the white letters/numbers? so fabulous!
C. Enjoy your parade of visitors. Maybe you can have some duct tape booties for them to slip into when they arrive.

Just want to say... I love your crafts... and your craft room too!

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