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Tuesday, 10 June 2008


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Once again I am pouting...I am so close to Pasadena and just down the road from Zinnia and I didn't get to see you! Dagnabit. Sounds like you had a great time. Oh, and the gas is now $4.98. Ouch.

Sounds like a fun and busy trip. Smog, art and family all in one go.

Sounds like a fun trip - except for the gas prices! I just did a calculation, we are paying $6.12 here per gallon! Shocking!

What a beautiful ceiling too! I was lucky enough to go to a Chihuly exhibit several years ago.

I could hardly believe the gas prices out west. AND I'm having such a hard time with the Senate not passing the bill to tax the high profits of the gas companies! What is up with our senators... do they not feel the pinch?


I loved Pillars of the Earth, and I completely enjoyed the recent one- I can't recall the title!! I devoured Pillars!!

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