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Tuesday, 22 July 2008


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I am sighing over the photos they look so wonnnnnderful! The falls especially, how fun would it be to sit there with a coffee and a pastry from that bake shop and watch the water run? I'm betting a lot of fun. :) I also clicked on the shot of inside the store so I could lust over the shelf of doodads and knickknacks. How come I can never find stores like that? Hmmm perhaps it's like the winning the lottery ticket thing, if you never buy a ticket you can't win....if you never go poking about all the independent little stores and explore nearby neighborhoods you can't ever find a treasure like that shop.
Hey I wonder if the falls are called Chagrin cause they wanted to be bigger, like Niagra but just couldn't manage it...hahaha...poor embarrassed falls, they look fine to me.

We lived in Shaker Heights for a time back in 1980, 1981, and it is fun to hear of familiar places.
Thanks for the photos.

chic stash looks awesome! i could see spending an entire day and a purseful of $ there!

Sounds like a great t.v. show!

Chagrin Falls 44022 (or 44023) would be a good title. Not very original, am I? What yummy looking baked goods. Your pictures make me want to take a day trip up there!

Mmmmm those lil' cupcakes look almost too pretty to eat. Sounds like a fun shop you found! Thanks for the comment on my blog..(we bought our new fridge today, it's a Kitchen Aid, bottom freezer!!!). *fingers crossed* We hope this one will last us more than 2 years!!!!

Holy Toledo! Whoa ... am I dreaming or what? Couldn't sleep, got up and hopped on the computer and found your site on Linda Cain's post. When I saw Chagrin Falls, my heart skipped a beat. You see, much like you, my husband and I dated in junior high, went on with our lives, reunited and married in 1992 at The Inn at Chagrin Falls on a blustery and freezing December 23 afternoon. We're both from Wickliffe but now live smack-dab between Dallas and Fort Worth (nearly on one of the DFW runways!) You just took me on a delightful memory trip to all the places I've haunted over the years: Canal Fulton, Vermillion, Toledo, Shaker Heights, Sandusky, Lorain, Kidron, Avon, and Perry (neighbor to where we lived in Painesville!) We used to bike all along the Erie Ohio Canal, have been to the Yankie Peddlar Fair and the Great Lakes Science Center, Cedar Point and Lehmann's Store. AND, I have even been in your former store. Lordy Me! Today's a good day already! Thank you!

Came here by way of Tim Holtz..
and was shocked to find pics of my old hunting grounds! I am probably the only person in San Jose,CA who has the Avon Lake High School fight song on her iPod! Born in Bay Village and grew-up right on shores of Lake Erie...and Buckeye and official member of 'The Dog Pound.' I left Kent State and my home town in the early 70's to attend school here and never moved back. Although I live HERE, my home (and heart) will always be THERE!
Great post!!

forgot to say that my mom was one of the original Bay Crafters!

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