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Sunday, 24 August 2008


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I so envy your creative space! It just looks so.... creative!! :)

I keep meaning to get one of those dewey decimal cabinets for my own stash...maybe one day!
~: )

Hello Ginny - I loved the story of your romance posted on Corey's blog so thought I'd stop by to learn more about you and this wonderful dh!!!

Wow, I love your blog and all the beautiful artwork you create. I will definitely be back to purchase some supplies later - you have great things in your shop I see. My creative endeavours have been put on a hold this Summer as there's been a lot going on, however I hope to pick up again...........after I return from a month in France in October!

Have a fabulous week surrounded by beautiful things.
Fondly - Mary

You do have the most marvelous storage! And me with my big, ugly plastic bins...I am quite envious!

thanks for stopping by. wow, i love all those drawers, especially the brown piece. everything looks beautiful and organized.

Thank you--you've inspired me to get my studio more organized! As soon as school starts, I'll get in there and tidy up the mess I made this summer :-)

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