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Saturday, 16 August 2008


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Wowsers, your art room looks fantastic! I hope I can have my own art/craft stuff as prettily organized as yours some day. Me and organization circle around each other, but as the years go by I get a wee bit closer...a wee bit more organized here and there. For light I have a floor lamp beside me, a fluorescent tube light thingy above my table attached to the wall and when that's not enough I snitch my husband's photography lights and blast more light from another angle....I guess that shows I don't actually have a brilliant permanent light solution yet though...haha. Oh yeah and since you have a window with some natural light maybe the daylight bulbs would be good for what ever light solution you use so you don't get weird light conflicts in your work space. Like yellowy conflicting with blue-ish outdoor light..if that makes sense.

I can't tell you how much I love your new table! My daughter and I have been looking for a bigger table for our studio--IKEA here we come!

Wow, it looks fantastic! Although a little too neat I reckon! Time for me to come over and play :)

Oh, I love your studio! It's so organized (she says, green with envy). Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I am going to sit here and read more of yours :-)

I really enjoy reading your blog. I love your room! I looked at those Ikea drawers, could kick myself for not getting them (I stuck with my old Iris drawers) I recently redid my room. I bought track lighting from Lowe's. It has 6 small halogen lights and 3 arms that I can move to shine on any particular area. It really lights up the area nicely. The fixture didn't need special wiring or an electrician to put it up.

so many of us have "odd" spaces for our scrapbooking space. you have the slanted walls, i have almost no walls! mine is a sunroom. i'll get some photos up soon. meantime, just had to mention that i love my ott-lite!

Oh my goodness!!! What a wonderful room to create art in! I'm so envious!! I can only wish to be as organized as you. I'm always striving to be that way but it's just so not me!

Take care and congrats on a wonderful room!

Hi Ginny, I have the same "problem" in my little studio (slanted walls, one window) and think I've found the solution. Do you know about solar tubes?
They require a lot less "roof real estate", are easy to install, don't leak, and are not as expensive as traditional skylights. A friend had one in his bathroom and I was amazed at the amount of light that came in through this small tube. They look like a recessed light on the interior so they're attractive.
I'm going to look into it for my room. Here's the site. http://www.solatube.com/homeowner/
BTW You're room looks great. I like how you placed the table coming into the room and out from the window. Andrea

What a wonderfully fantastic art studio you have! I always love to see how others organize, and the spaces they create in.

I have to say.. that fresh flower carpet you shared below is pretty wonderful too!

You can install light tubes -these are a tube with mirros inside that reflects light and magnifies light from the outside-so bringing daylight to dark spaces without natural light.

Really nice, I have a room but I need something bigger! I might need to take over the dinning room? I would love that and then I wouldn't be away from the kids and I may get more done??? I better keep that as a thought!

What a gorgeous room.
Pity you are so far away from me here in New Zealand

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