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Monday, 11 August 2008


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I myself, struggle with creative block too. For my job, I am a graphic designer so I have to force my creative juices to come out on a daily basis, just so I can get a job done on time...then in my spare time I try to craft.

Some days they both come easy. Some days one more so than the other...then there are the days where neither come to me. When this happens I like to browse magazines for inspiration. Whether it be scrapbooking/crafting magazines, fashion, home or even my husbands racing magazines, I find ads that inspire me.

My latest inspiration has come from reading blogs. I have over 70 saved to my favorites (yours included...your actually #8!!!) There are so many talented crafters out there. I have not even copied any designs as of yet, I just like looking at others work to get the juices flowing!!!

I do have to say a clean workspace does help though!! Best of luck with your creative block.

Ginny, I do the same thing! I arrange,rearrange, reorganize my studio knowing it's just a procrastination for getting down to work. So, I have
a trip planned to Ikea this week....maybe I shoud think twice? It's just one more piece and the space will be "ready". LOL!

Work. Just begin. Allow the beginning work to suck.

Just Do The Work.

The flow will follow, but if I don't work, I can't do anything good...........

I suffered creative block for almost six months straight! I attribute the block to overstimulation from others artwork and becoming OVER inspired. As soon as I figured that out...I did not pick up an art book, or art magazine of any kind, and I stopped looking at artwork on the internet. After a week of that....the block was lifted and my creativity came back like never before...sometimes the brain just needs a rest!

i'm so new to "art" that i don't get blocked much (yet). but if i slow down a little it helps me to do something FAST like an ATC or a minibook or even a kit where i don't think much. just the process of getting my fingers dirty tends to unblock me!

and yes, that house is just so gorgeous!

Hey I agree with Kari, too much of other people's art/craft stuff slows me down creatively. It's like my brain wants room to create it's own ideas rather than see other peoples. Although I love seeing what people are coming up with.
Also, if my desk gets too crazy, I gotta clean or nothing gets made. But cleaning when I want to be crafting..bleck...creates a vicious cycle, don't wanna clean, I wanna craft, can't craft cause my desk is too cluttered...
Sometimes I will make a sort of mini challenge for myself to break out of a crafting block type situation, like making something from nothing. I made my mom the cutest wreath one time all from garbage (not incl.the wreath) it was very freeing cause the materials were destined for the trash anyways so..no fear.
Another thing I do is switch between creative things, I go from bursts of writing, to cooking, to various sorts of crafting, to whatever. Bouncing back and forth always works for me. Can't think of something to make with clay...well maybe I can with flour today.....or words...that sort of thing.
And last but not least and it's my most favorite idea for creative block is something my husband always says "Take a vacation from your problems", if it's stressing me out and the stressing doesn't help the situation then just taking a mini mental vacation is great. Watch tv, read a book, go for walks, play a video game, play with the cats, go poke about the patio plants playing gardener...that sort of thing.

That house appears to be cheap! We don't get a lot for $400K here in my area.

As for creative block.... I usually walk away for a while, read a mag etc. If I have time to think something over, then I usually come up with better ideas and then go from there :)

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