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Saturday, 09 August 2008


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What wonderful clouds!! I just learned of a site that loves clouds... I got it off of someone's blog... can't remember who now... http://www.cloudappreciationsociety.org/

I ended up buying a book on clouds. Your picture is just beautiful!

I hated to see that your neighborhood was losing trees. It's ashame that people don't respect the earth.

Thanks for your post!!

Organization is definately a must. I am always reorganizing my supplies, I would love to go to an Ikea...I hear so much about them from other crafters.

Ahhh, one piece of furniture and the whole art room gets moved around... I know that feeling well. We tend to move around the whole house when that happens! One day we moved just one picture on the wall and ended up moving bookshelves, lounges, cabinets etc - and our home is very small so there aren't a lot of options! But we manage to find new ways to have everything. A change is as good as a holiday, right?

There are more trees in the US now than ever.

Ginny- I so appreciate your blog- and enjoy it almost daily, (Don't comment that often, as I peek from my phone and those little buttons are killers!) But I wanted to let you know how much I did appreciate your creative eye! You always inspire!
((And I have a job in Canton this week, so for sure I'll be dropping by your delicious find of "the Blissful!")) Thanks for being so generous and sharing!

Hi, Ginny,
I met you at Artiscape at Kalahari. I, too, live in Ohio, about an hour from Cleveland. My sister and I are fellow artists and also neighbors. We are always organizing our studios. Now if I could just stop buying so much stuff.... lol

You have some fabulous clouds in Ohio! We had great, dramatic ones back in Texas, but in England... let's just say it's sunny or it's not ;-)

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