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Wednesday, 24 September 2008


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Another fabulous book!! You must be EXTREMELY patient because that bird is in just the right spot. Love the blue thread!

Those pumpkins made me a little homesick. We only have the tiniest little guys here, as they don't really celebrate Halloween here in England.

Yummy looking pecks of peppers :-)

Ohhhhhhhh Autumn.....some days like today where it was smotheringly humid here in San Diego area it can be hard to believe it's supposed to be fall. I love the front yard full of pumpkins, that photo makes me so happy just looking at it!
I can't believe all these gorgeous books you're making. They're very handsome. I love all the different papers you used. Brown and any colour together, like the blue from this one you've shown, gorgeouuuuussssssssss!

p.s. I just realized ever since you've been sharing your super awesome hand made books you've created....that I've been judging books by their covers.....hahaha that cracked me up...haha My mama was wrong, it IS ok to do that..hahaha

Those pumpkins are impressive, but I love the book more! :):)

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