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Monday, 29 September 2008


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I know what you mean about food that's just "lifts shoulders* ehhhh, so-so. Makes it easier and easier to eat at home, then we can sprinkle our plates with chopped cilantro with wild herb abandon. haha I mean I'm wild, not the herb...have not seen any wild cilantro...
There's a little cafe near us that we eat at on the verrrrry rare occasion, usually with my in-laws, that features sort of what you'd call old fashioned home cookin'. Not super memorable but the place is so dang cute I swear it might just add a little extra something to the chili size!

Ginny, Widen your horizons and try FOX NEWS vs CNN. I know Anderson Cooper is fun to watch, but FOX will give you a new outlook on life.
Loved your post on Paul Newman. He and Joanne were quite a team, weren't they?

Love all your new products! Much more colorful and lively than the eggs :)

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