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Tuesday, 28 October 2008


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Your husband is just a hoot!!!! What a great sense of humor, a creative one at that!!!
Love your fall photos..

If you want to watch smart TV, try Mad Men on AMC. I don't watch TV much and when I do, it better be awesome. This series is. I want the 1st season on DVD for Christmas. Felt the same way about Six Feet Under. And no, I haven't voted early, I love to go into the booth, always have. And I'm doing it this year if I have to take vacation to do so!

I was going to suggest Mad Men also - ahhh, the season finale was this past Sunday. So sad not to have it to watch anymore.

If you can handle the language - Deadwood was wonderful too.

I'm anxious to see what John has in store for the indoor months, what a clever guy!

Your husband is a keeper-this is a hoot! You yard looks so beautiful!!

I think a silly hubby is great! I could never tire of your fall photos- it's still in the 90's!!

I love the hand! Will it be an assistant to your other 2 in making art? Winter should be fun at your house!

I'm so glad that those are the sort of hand gestures your husband has been making all over the house... I've got to hand it to you those little vignettes are awesome. It's like your own personal game of "Where's Waldo" but it's a hand and where is it and what's it up to now? haha
Your fall photos are beautiful! It's a fall photo feast for my eyes today as my Mom emailed practically the entire woods around her place to us today. Beautiful fall colours every where I look today!
Smart tv......ummmm....I kind of suspect I don't watch a lot of smart tv but if it's fun you're looking for... haha We like Survivor, Stargate and Boston Legal. We're geeks.

Ginny, beautiful pictures. We don't have those types of colors on our tress here in Texas. And John is a hoot. I could see my hubby doing those types of things.
Yes, I voted early, and so did hubby. Whenever I go by the County Annex (where we vote... I have to go often to drop off stuff for a friend), there is a steady stream of people coming and going, with a packed parking lot. While it was crowded, I only waited about five minutes to vote.
Paid $2.22 for gas here along the gulf coast yesterday. I was happy (which is sad in and of itself, huh?)

Wow, look at those trees! Just beautiful.

Love the hand... very funny :)

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