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Friday, 31 October 2008


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Lucky you, 1.97..I filled up on Thursday and it was 2.55. I think it's been about 3 or 4 years since we saw 1.97!! Happy Halloween!

Yes, the cost is that different.

Halloween is over? Alreadddddddy? All that prep, then in a few hours...over..? My feet are happy at least and are well on their way to forgiving me for making them walk around all night scaring the neighborhood kiddies. :)
I remember trick-or-treating, I proudly went until I was 19 , course we knew most of the people we trick-or-treated at. Relatives and neighbors, and every one of them would make you come inside so they could see the costumes and find out who you were and who your parents were etc. We used to get a TON of treats. Since it was a rural area and we had to drive to each house the treat bags were verrry generous. Usually a can of pop, a bag of chips plus candy, and if you were realllly lucky some of that candy were mini chocolate bars and caramels. How many times did my brothers foolishly trade away theirs for my bags of chips? Silly boys...haha
Your gas is really cheap. I think ours is still like a dollar more at least around here though it has been dropping. My husband read a thing recently that said it's almost a shame it's dropping in price, as the higher costs would spur people to think about alternative fuels and energies etc. Course that doesn't mean people don't think about alternatives with low gas prices, we have a gas powered car ourselves, just that maybe with a little pressure the alternatives would keep becoming available faster and hopefully cheaper. :)
Personally I think we should go Fred Flintstone style....couple holes in the bottom of the car and we save on fuel, get some exercise and no need for air conditioning...har har. :)

Ginny, it was March 2005- Lisa and I were drivng to Indianapolis for a Rubber Convention and the gas had just gone to $2.00. I remember because it was my grandson's 2nd birthday weekend.

Gosh! I can't believe petrol is so "low" now. It's down to about 99 pence/litre here, the lowest it's been in quite some time. What a lovely Halloween memory! We didn't have ONE trick-or-treater here in our little English house. And no, I wasn't surprised ;-)

Last time I remember gas being under $2.00 was before Hurricane Rita hit down here. It's been going up ever since. So that would have been 2005.
We have a few artsy bridges here in the Houston area... I think some of the Architects, esp. inside the loop (meaning downtown and in the museum district) try harder to make bridges and overpasses more attractive. Although one of my faves is the Fred Hartmann Bridge (see http://www.texasexplorer.com/hartmanbridge.htm). There are some great ones across US-59 in the Museum District, as well as other parts of town. But you are right, they normally do not build them to be architecturally attractive anymore.

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