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Tuesday, 21 October 2008


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covered bridges! just look at that SPLENDID place you live with all of those vibrant autumn hues. you say "no fall colors" I see plenty!

You don't want to discuss politics? aw shucks...
I am every thankful for Miss Alaska. Without her I wouldn't be laughing this hard or this long as I watch SNL or Lettermen. of course i won't be laughing one bit if the GOP wins........
mustn't think of that.

I live about 25 miles from the Bridges of Madison County-I love to visit them in the fall. I lived with a former pro football player for a long time. Go over there-say hello-and then ask him if he would mind signing the jerseys you have for the grandkids. I am sure he will do it for you and just will be thrilled you asked. We liked meeting neighbors in the area. Made us feel like we belonged in the neighborhood. It was fun to get invited to the BBQs and things, too.
My daughter is a student intern at Iowa State for Obama-oh, my-this is a really nasty election. I can't wait for it to end!

There is a wonderful covered bridge near Peninsula and the Szalay's farm market. Come visit us east and south because there are several scenic places to experience. And apple farms. Show John West Point Market in Akron. Go to the mansion in Akron - Stan Hwyet - beautiful grounds, too.

Ooooh if my neighborhood looked as pretty as yours does this time of year, I'd move from So CA in a heartbeat ;)

If you DO get the nerve built up, make sure you let us know what happens!!!!

I can see why you moved back to Ohio! It just looks wonderful! (I'm looking forward to the snow photos that will no doubt come soon too ;)

I've never been to Chipolte. Sounds yum.

Hi Ginny - forgot you now live in Ohio - I just posted a bunch of photos from my downtown walking tour in Columbus from last month when I was there for my cousin's wedding - you might enjoy browsing - thanks for affirming your disgust over the nastiness that the Republicans have chosen to embrace in this campaign - Hope you convince all your new neighbors to get out and vote the Democratic ticket!
My blog - CreativeRebelGal.blogspot.com

This is the one time of year I miss living in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is soooooo beautiful at Butler University with the maple leaves all brown, orange, yellow. sigh I live in So Cal now - since 1975. I have arthritis now and don't know if I could live in cold weather again though.

Now, onto the neighbors across the street. Get your behind over there, introduce yourself, get those jerseys signed, and make new friends! I bet they are over there saying "I wonder who the family is that lives across the street?" *smiles*

And lastly, the campaign. O-bama, O-8, O-yeah!

My Mom was from the heart of covered bridge country in Western Indiana and I got to go to the Covered Bridge Festival every year.

After the election we will either have a McCain-Nation or an Obama-Nation!

The majority usually does the right thing.

That wood and metal sculpture looks like one of those Mayan symbols! My husband and I watched a documentary about decoding them not that long ago.
Those fall photos are amazing, very soothing. It's hot, no..it's HOTTTTTT here today. I think our weather is having some sort of emotional crisis.
I will just look at your lovely cooool Autumn photos and pretend that's what the weather is reallly like here. My favorite is the red carpeted woods pic. I clicked close so I could feel like I was going into those woods...ahhhhhhhhh...so refreshing! Thanks for sharing!!!

Thanks for all the lovely fall pictures... I love the clouds!

And I'm with you on the way the Republicans are running their campaign. Very ugly.

I just did my not-absent-absentee ballot today, as well. I am going to go out on a limb and say I feel hopeful that Americans will prove to the everyone that we aren't the world's village idiot!

i've lived in olmsted falls all my life, and that bridge isnt preserved, it was made in the late 90's. (sorry.)

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