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Thursday, 06 November 2008


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Well shoot, I thought for sure after seeing that first photo that this post was going to reveal your secret spy life....binoculars, a notebook with your spy notes covering the pages....
I love your photo of your pencils and paintbrushes and rulers. That's gorgeous! It would be a great card or post card or something. I also like how you have the flower pot covered in pretty paper, a whole row of pots and tools, would be like a garden of craft possibilities. I have my tools (most) in cans, bottles etc on my table but it's more of a mishmash. Some cans are covered pretty, some jars still have their original olive labels. haha
Also your cone is very sweet, as for being too simple I'm not so sure, it depends if you put stuff in it, then that adds to the whole look. Can't wait to see more.
Your John reminds me of my Alan. He's the planner, I'm the messer. We make a great team.

Running theme here, Stew's the planner, I'm the ideas person. It's a good mix (most of the time!!)

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