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Friday, 21 November 2008


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Ohhh, your description sounds so holiday-fantastical. The one thing about California, at least the non-mountainy parts is the no snow thing...now snow can be a pain but come Decmember 24th I do get a slight hankering for it. And besides there's just something ever so slightly wrong feeling about sitting on the GRASS on the family's front lawn on Christmas day...well..wrong until it starts feeling so good and I take photos and promptly send them to all the Northerly relatives with variations on a "HA HA!" theme.
The new pages of your book are very cool, I love clicking close so I can see all the detail.

Another great post Ginny :) I'm just starting to get into the festive spirit too.

Five. Thousand. Pies.


I love those 24 hour breakfast places and miss them. I remember coming back from a trip to Europe (back when we lived in Texas) and all I could think about was going to a diner for migas!

Your outing sounds lovely and just the thing.

PS Love your book! It looks like you're really having a lot of fun with it.

No pie making here, but we do have a pecan pie from Ukrops (Richmond) in the freezer. Just In Case.

I'll have to add Crocker Park to my Ohio list. ;-)

I still maintain they could have bought Alliance for a whole lot less money,lots of empty buildings and nice sidewalks! My favorite is Trader Joe's.....love their orchids, and wine and produce and, and, and......actually prefer the East side store - not sure why except I'm used to it.
Are you going to be at Artiscape this year? If I thought you were going to have some classes I would seriously consider skipping Columbus...... Lucy

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