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Friday, 07 November 2008


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Oh, that was nice. Yes, a neighbor down the road called me up at home and told me to come outside. When I stepped out the door, she gave me a beautiful bouquet of roses from her garden. Just because. Nice neighbor. :)

That was really nice of your new friend to share those photos, funny how things connect up huh?
And yep I have been on the receiving end of unexpected kindnesses many a time. Why you yourself have linked to my blog multiple times and I remember the pleasant burst of surprise and thrill. :)
Just this week Marsha over at Tumble Fish Studios made a collage of me and my husband and that was a super fun nice experience to have fall outta the sky so to speak. Good things are every where!

I'm looking forward to my first.

That's so cool!

Even better than to be the recipient of a "random act of kindness" is to be the giver of them. It gives me great pleasure to "make someone's day" by doing something totally unexpected that creates a human connection. And, in doing so, I find that I am so often a recipient, also. What you put out into the universe seems to always come back. I tried to explain this to my 23 year old nephew who is struggling in his life right now and he told me "Kate, you are getting way too Oprah on me". LOL! Damn, I love that kid!

Ginny - thanks for sharing your story with us - Strother Martin was one of my favorite character actors and I used to repeat that quote from "Cool Hand Luke" ad nauseum until my friends told me I couldn't say it anymore! I too have been personal assistant to many celebrities here in Hollywood -

My story of random acts of kindness is a recent one - I attended Art Unraveled this year for the 2nd time and met a wonderful artist from Phoenix named Angie - we hung out all week and took classes together and it was difficult to say good-bye knowing that we wouldn't be able to hang out together for another year - we read each other's blogs and keep up that way - I had posted a photo on my blog with my collection of rubber duckies - don't ask :) - about a month or so after that I opened my door of my apt. to go someplace and stuck in the screen door was a shoebox with the address label in the shape of a big yellow duckie! It was from Angie! Inside were six little yellow rubber duckies all playing musical instruments! How fun and what a sweet thing to do - She later wrote me and said that she was on a trip and saw the duckies in a novelty store on her trip and thought of me - I have them on my desk so I can be reminded that there are good people out there - and what a little thing like that can do to bring "sunshine" into someone's life - I plan to pass the random act of kindness on -

I find it so cool that someone contacted you to share stories about that person. As for random acts of kindness, this may not qualify but I thought it was really cool when I got a thank you note in the snail mail from an instructor. She was thanking me for being in her class in Santa Barbara and for my enthusiasm for creative work. I am so pleased and touched to get a thank you card that she made - I have never gotten a thank you note from an instructor before!

What a wonderful story, Ginny! I have been blessed by many new friends because of blogging, and I think every comment I get on my blog is a random act of kindness. XO

How terrific to be able to take a trip down memory lane! It really is a small world, isn't it?? And blogs can connect us with people we never would've known otherwise. I think it's fabulous.

The place I work has 3 shifts, 7 days a week of operations. Last fall, I started coming into work and and there was a lady who was just leaving. When she say me, she would point to where her car was parked and wait until I got over there so I could take her parking place (she usually parked quite close, so this was really a godsend, especially in Michigan in January!). She would always wave goodbye as she pulled out and I pulled in. I called her my "parking lot lady", and she just always made my day. Then one day I actually passed her inside the building as she was leaving (I had come in early) and stopped and told her how she made my day by that little act of kindness. She said she did it because I always looked at her and smiled and waved. She said there were other people who would sit and wait for her to pull out but would never even look at her face or acknowledge her existence. She not only made me feel good by what she did, she made me feel good about who I am. What a gift.

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