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Wednesday, 31 December 2008


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Wow Ginny...that's a trip! Isn't it great to be in balmy weather sometime during the winter? dh is out biking as I write and I'll walk the beach in a few minutes.

Funny you find the CA people more in a hurry; we find the opposite but then we're comparing them to DC. In LA, they expect drivers to wait the pedestrian has crossed the entire street, not just the side the driver is on. Amazing.

To 2009!

Do you miss CA?

I'm glad you had a nice trip out here in California during the holidays with your family.

I'm a transplant from Indiana. I always wonder what it would be like to "go back home" to visit at Christmas time. I sometimes wonder if I really miss the snow this time of year as much as I THINK I do :)

Happy New Year, Ginny!

Wow! I recognize all of the spots you pictured. If you were at Zinnia's you were within about 2 miles of my house! We're learning to slow down out here - I just saw a sign for 8 min. parking (not 7 and yet not 9 either) And the metropolis of Baker way out in the desert - good times! Anyway, glad you had a good trip.


Hey! You were in my neck of the woods! The day is fabulous today, and for the parade it usually is. We don't live in Pasadena because it's just too crowded there, but we're about 15 mins away. And yeah, it's rush rush, traffic traffic, and parking issues galore in Pasadena. But the mountains right now, without the haze the smog, and with the snow, are fantastic. We are lucky to live in the foothills.

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. Home is always where the heart is, though!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

It was great seeing you and John, but what is it with these "California" comments? Our signs are not any more ridiculous than those in other states. What is so unusual about roses in December; we have them every year. You California transplants can make fun of us but every year after you watch the Rose Bowl and Parade you all want to come back home!!! But the real point is that it is not about the signs or roses; it is all about family and we miss you all year long.

that is quite a trip! glad you had a good time. yes, the no texting thing here in CA is new. i'm glad, as i believe it's mostly kids (new drivers!) who do it. although, sadly, i must admit i've done it (although mostly just at stoplights). no more! and yes, traffic in socal is horrendous! a little better in norcal i think. hey, i love that rose photo; it's beautiful!

Sorry I missed you! Zinnia does look great, doesn't it? Glad you had such a wonderful trip and such terrific weather. I'll think of you tomorrow at the PCC flea market!

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