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Thursday, 11 December 2008


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Cake, yummmm. I haven't made a chocolate cake in......now that's down right appalling...I can't even remember the last time I made a chocolate cake. I think it's because if I'm gonna have chocolate I go for brownies but that recipe of yours looks delicious. I put kaluha in me, I mean in our brownies, it adds great flavor and richness.
Funny that you were musing about holiday traditions in this post. I was thinking of them myself today. I don't know that I have any traditions of my own started yet, other than the obvious one of being with my husband. But no specifics of like a certain kind of cookie, or whatever. Actually I take t back, I usually make arrowroot squares, intense chocolate cookie base with a mocha frosting. MMmm, I almost forgot about them.
Great post! I always enjoy your blog so much.

I loved this post Ginny! I used to be a big Christmas cookie maker--since age 9. But I really haven't done a lot of baking in recent years. I am inspired by all the baking going on, though.

Thank you for sharing your mother's cake recipe! I will be sure to pick up some pudding while I am in the states! I have had some success locating cake in a box (the kids love this for some reason).

I shall think of your mother and her sisters and all of their cookies while I bake something today :-)

One of my favorite holiday activities is baking. I had alot of training when I was a little girl. Both my Mom and Aunt worked at a bakery. Thanks for bring back such great memories.

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