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Wednesday, 10 December 2008


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We went to see Australia last week. I had heard mixed reviews about it here, so I wanted to see it for myself to make my own judgement. It was a little different to what I expected, but I loved it! So did hubby. Sure, there were moments that were over the top, but mostly it was authentic. The kangaroo part - true (sorry to all the kangaroo lovers!), the little Aboriginal boy was so authentic and really made the movie for me. he was amazing. I am interested in if you could understand his accent easily?
Of course being a Baz film it had it's moments where it was glamorized and I hoped during the film that it wasn't going to be too over the top and tacky, and luckily there weren't too many moments like that. I agree with you - predictable storyline, but entertaining. I'm glad you liked it too. :)

Bobby pins, yes they do.
Pink, faux leather diaries...well I am pretty sure they make pink faux leather EVERYthing.
Hand written diaries I could never do, LOVE the look and idea but hand printing/writing drives me half nuts. haha It makes my hand ache though I suspect if I did more of it, than it wouldn't. But if filling the customs form out at the post office has my hand hurtin' then a journal entry would probably be haaaaaard.
Australia the movie, have not seen it. I saw previews but to be honest they didn't grab me. But ya never know, might watch it when it comes out on dvd.

My blog and my journal serve different purposes for me, so I would say, no, blogging doesn't take away from my paper journal. It's only when life gets too busy that I stop working in my journal. Then I get cranky and HAVE to write or do art in my journal. After about three pages, I'm on an even keel again :-)

my love of books and paper began very early with a similar journal. however, i stopped writing in my 20s and didn't get back to journaling UNTIL i started my blog a couple of years ago!

I think I'll wait for Australia in video format so we can take bathroom breaks. ;-)

I do journal each am, the 3 ArtistWay pages. I find that blogging is a different medium as is Twitter. I need them both one for centering, one for connecting and having feedback.

Yes, I too have seen bobby pins. I've also seen hairdos (!?!) that look like they require them as well as recently seeing women in rollers in public! I had no idea that rollers were still around.

I want to see Australia SO BAD!!!!! It has not come to our funky little itty bitty town yet. I'm afraid it will be on PPV before it get's to our big screen! I want to see Hugh on the big screen.... Nic too... But, like the other comment, I do love putting my movies on pause when it's time for a snack or refill, being in my jammies, and drinking my drinks while watching a movie!! (OK, that's what I said! She said potty breaks!)...

Diaries with keys: YEP! I have a 10 year old daughter! Diaries are still fab! And with those damn little keys that look very similar to the keys that come with our luggage!

Bobby pins: Ditto... got 'em.

Journals: Oh yeah.. paper ones - tons from all the past lives I have lived... since high school.. all sorts of great stories hidden!!!

Blogging vs journaling: Yes, I do notice less paper journaling on my part and a whole lotta blogging!!! At least more blog surfing! HA!

I also love the 3 pages in the am but find I am into a speed journal phase.. Lists... quips...

Take Care!

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