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Thursday, 04 December 2008


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My favourite room... is usually the studio. It's my photography studio / craft area but has been recently taken over by all the Darkroom Door stuff. So it's work and play, but when I am creating there it's the best place to be :)

Our back deck is really nice this time of year too (beginning of summer here). We are having many meals out there in the evening.

Other rooms I love are the kids rooms. I always go in and lay on their beds and chat to them while they are playing, and the kids hate me being on their beds!! They always think it's the biggest joke seeing me lay on their bed! I'm quite cosy there. But instead, they insist that it's their bed and I have to get off it. There's not enough room for me to play with them on the floor though (they have small rooms, not even enough room to swing a cat!) so we have to move into the loungeroom or the other play room.

I also like our hallway - two big bookshelves full of all my books :)

I would have to say no. I thought and thought about each room and I really can say I have no favorite.
But I do have a least favorite. The bedroom in the basement. It is cold and the closet smells funny. But all the other rooms in my home are cozy and warm and full of love and dog hair. Just the way I like it.

Hi Ginny
Not sure how you found me, but I'm glad you did because now I get to read your wonderful blog. I love your books and journal pages; I have recently started journalling and its something I want to do more of next year. Thank you for your comment - I'm off now to look at Tim's tag number 4!
Best wishes
Oh yes...my favourite room?
My art room/studio - the walls are covered in art work (mine and other people's). When people walk in they just say 'wow!!'

Ginny! I had to laugh when I read today's post! We were in the middle of a remodel last year as well. We started the week before Thanksgiving and finished in May!!! We completely redid the master bathroom, and bedroom, redid the kitchen, put in all new wood windows and did craftsman trim throughout the house. It is beautiful now but we both swore NEVER again over a holiday. We both love to decorate the house and have folks over and we certainly did not want to have folks over in the middle of all that. It was without a doubt the most depressing holiday for us both. If you ever wonder how important holiday traditions are to you just try NOT observing them at home one year.

LOL, I still have not answered the question, favorite room. Our bedroom are my favorite room but of late I might just say my craft room now that it is becoming more "me". Cheers, Bri

oh this is a tough question. my first thought was my art/scrapbooking room, which is where i head every chance i get. but then i thought nah, that's too easy. let's think about this... there is something good and real about my living room also. and then there's my bedroom which i don't spend much time in but when i am in there i'm super comfortable. so here's my answer:

my favorite room is wherever my son and my cat are--because they both snuggle with me!

no favorite room, but i do have a favorite couple who live in ohio in a clubhouse and make fun things and play fun games with each other. i think they're swell.

Ginny I thought my studio would be my favorite but it's still so much of a collection of items I'm not sure of that it isn't. I've also realized I don't need a room 'away from' as much as I did when I was working or when I was new to this marriage and still finding the balance of my time and our time.

Now it's the kitchen which we DID design for me. It truly is our home's heart and the one place we all have room to share - me, dh and the cat. Just right.

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