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Friday, 19 December 2008


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I think this is the way to get the autograph. Place a note with the pictures in an envelope introducing yourself as the neighbor from across the street. Put it in his mail box or on his front porch.
Just tell him that you wanted his autograph picture for stocking gifts for your grandsons.
He probably thought you were a crazed fan who found out where he lived. Who is the player?

Jerry is awesome! A dream neighbour... Come to think of it, you've really lucked out on neighbours, haven't you? Hope you get the autograph for your grandsons. I think Pearl W has a good idea :-)

I recommend leaving the Browns guy alone. Don't they have enough misery from fans as it is?

From a Denver Broncos fan.

Ditto on Pearl W's idea. That should work! Keep up posted *smiles*

Merry Christmas to you and your family

ahhhh, that should have been "keep US posted"

Oh, my, Ginny! Those cards are awesome! Really beautiful. Cool friends!
I love west wing but haven't seen it for a long while. Every now and then a friend will say they are watching all the episodes in succession and they love them. It does something to you, doens't it? You get immersed!

Well, I feel kind of embarrassed, but I have to say, I often don't answer my door. We get a lot of unsolicited marketers and pamphleteers because it's a nice quiet family neighborhood. So I've been known to have my TV on and my lights blaring and ignore the door, because our friends always call before the come over.

Now I feel like maybe I should answer... Oh, but wait... I'm not a famous athlete!

Glad to find your blog. I'll be back to annoy.

We have a neighbor who brings our paper to the front door every morning and brings the trash/recycle cans to the garage door on those days. In return Michael, who has a snow blower, cleans his ( and everyone on the street)driveway. I often tease the neighbor that he has a full time job where Michael's job is seasonal. Neighbors(most) are the best in the Midwest!

I was going to suggest the same as Pearl. I mean, every athlete usually loves to encourage kids, so I'm sure he'd love to oblige! :)

Happy Holidays, Ginny!

Enjoy the holiday with your family! Your snow blower story reminds me of my mom, she was in her eighties living up in Montana, she had a snow blower and loved being out using it! A week before she passed away she mowed her lawn!

Here's to the best for us all in 2009 Ginny!

Thanks for posting my nutcracker card here! I feel famous! WOW!

Thank you Ginny for posting my card here on your blog. I've been without internet for a month and was able to go online only since this past weekend. A nice surprise awaited me here and I thank you for it. Happy Holidays Ginny and John.

Ginny! Enjoy your well deserved time off! Looking forward to what 2009 brings! Thanks for making me smile!


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