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Wednesday, 14 January 2009


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sour cream and chives, please!!

What a cool card. I love that. And in our 85-90 degree temps here, I'm glad to see a photo of icicles...

Hi Ginny,
One of those lovely icicles broke off and hit me in the head when I opened my door this morning. No injury except that I dropped my very expensive car key somewhere in the snow and still can't find it. I've been asking St. Anthony for help. I can't wait to see what you off from 7Gypsies, the best of the
scrapbook companies, I think. Could Paris Hilton's collection be an omen that the bubble is about to burst?

Good day Ginny!
I love those little bits at the beginning of your post (gas, etc.)...

OK.. Icicles... Scary.. Those suckers could really hurt someone!

And, Paris Hilton's new line... Extra Scary! Gads... What's the world coming too! I'm envisioning a 'Skanky' line... or, 'Doing Time on Daddy's Dime', or 'I'm not really your BFF!'. Perhaps I am being too hard on the little bad girl Princess... but I don't have my hopes up....

Hah! That DOES look like a baked potato. And I can't believe the length of the icicles on that house. I wonder if the mailman/woman braves those icy daggers...?

I can't imagine Paris Hilton scrapbooking but hey, maybe she does...I imagine that everything in her collection is very pink and sparkly and sooooo hot. :)

Temps have hit 104F here (40C) today. I'm melting! It's nice to see and hear about the snow. You know I love the pictures :) Keep them coming!

I'm hibernating here in the cool airconidtioning though (designing new stamps I might add!!) It's the first time all summer that we've had to have the air-con on for longer than an hour or so.

Paris Hilton - that will be interesting!

Please, PLEASE tell me you are joking about Paris Hilton.

My gosh, those icicles look deadly! How exactly do you get rid of those? If you try to pull them down, they might damage the gutter or roof. Ice pick? Blow torch?!

WOW! LOVE those icicles! Reminds me of growing up in Montana! Glad I live in Long Beach! It was over 80 yesterday!

We were chatting about the Paris Hilton line yesterday! I wonder if Martha is scared? I think not!

Stay warm!

We almost never have icicles but I remember them from my childhood.

Paris Hilton...who knew?

We spent 2 years in Anchorage Alaska - those icicles would often appear on roof tops where the insulation was thin - cold snow, warm,heated air rising,- melting snow that would freeze into long, nasty (but pretty)icicles. Looking forward to seeing the new stuff soon...stay warm and safe on icy roads!

I've missed having time to read your blog! I love all the interesting stories and especially the pictures! I have never seen icicles like the ones you had John take a picture of! And the one thing I can not get over is hearing about Paris Hilton having a scrapbook line...

Ohhh those icicles look chilling but in a the non-scary way. :)
They remind me of back home we'd get humongous icicles some winters. We'd crack them off the side of the house and play with them. When the weather started warming we'd hear big thunks and crashes as they broke off the side of the house. Cool baked potato rock pic also. It looks exactly like one. Aren't you tempted to find some green foliage bits and sprinkle over the top for chives? haha

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