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Sunday, 11 January 2009


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32,000 years? Egads! That is quite a way of putting things in perspective. I always enjoy your posts, Ginny. Yours is consistently one of the most interesting blogs I check in with. Your posts never fail to get me thinking. Off now to wonder about my great grandparents, from the UK.

I made pizzelle for the holidays. My family loves almond. I'll have to try orange. And my daughter says if they look too perfect people will think they are from the bakery. So I like uneven edges. And the fact that I always burn my fingers when I make them helps to prove they are homemade.

Mmm. Your pizzelle cookies look divine. They remind me of the waffle and caramel cookies one can find in Holland. Those are TOO good. Do you think those are based on the same recipe as your pizzelles?

And, oh my gosh! Look at that snow! I love the photo of your table. How many inches of snow was that?

In the library system I work for, we now have ancestry databases on our websites, available in house, or from home. So check out your local branch and find out. In these economic times why spend money for something that your tax dollars have already paid for.I agree Ginny, it is fascinating and addictive.
Erin in Morro Bay

I have yet to use the pizelle maker someone gave me, and this really motivates me to explore. Yummy.

I have so many questions for people who are long-gone!


Hmmmm coooookies..... hmmmmmmm.......

You make me want cookies... and I am on Weight Watchers...

Hmmmmmmmmmm coookies......

Those cookies are gorgeous! I don't think I've ever seen those or heard tell of them before. At least if I did I don't recall so it amounts to the same thing, haha. They look like they'd be thin and crispy and chewy if I am drooling...er...looking at the pictures right. When they're warm could they be rolled? I saw something like that in a cookbook one time and it caught my eye. Like wee little waffle cones to fill up with something yummy.
My Mom has always been into genealogy stuff. She shares the interesting anecdotal stories she uncovers when she's researching.
Also you didn't hear me gasp...because to gasp I'd have to be conscious after those numbers, 32,000 years?
(me falling over in a dead faint to the floor)

Oh! I think we MAY be related ;) My grandparents are both Italian descent - Naples and Florence. My grandfather is 1st generation US and my grandmother is 2nd generation! I'm not sure WHAT ship they came over on... I'm not even sure what NAMES to look for! My grandmother's family is the only one I keep in contact with and apparently Ellis Island messed up their names (as well as my grandfather's family), so there's NO TELLING! I KNOW that their US names are Nappa (Naples - where they were from), but I'm not sure what they were before.... My grandfather's family is even worse, but I DO know what their name was BEFORE Ellis - Devitontonio (D-V-TON-tony-O).
And I LOVE pizzelles! Where did you get an OLD STYLE press? The one I have is new and it doesn't make them as thin as they should be! We won't discuss what happened to my grandmother's.....

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