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Wednesday, 25 February 2009


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You can interpret that text as song, sung way off key but with lots of enthusiasm! My husband and I are known for our....*unique* renditions of Happy Birthday. ha ha
Your craft room makes me sigh and more than a little envious. Very tidy but also cozy and decorated so it doesn't scream "work room" ya know? Very good job you do of melding the decorative display and the practical aspects of storing stuff.
Your one tank trip sounds like it was a lot of fun and from the tone of your blog post very inspiring. An excellent gift for yourself, inspiration. :)
Hope you got to indulge in some delicious birthday goody along the lines of something sweet and decadent at some point in the day as well. :)

I love to organize. It's easier than creating something for me! And it keeps the bit of OCD monster I have quiet...ha!
Happy Bday!

Happy Birthday!! What a great guy John is! and Found sounds cool. I hope you had a great day!

Ginny - just wanted to add my congrats and Happy B'day wishes to you - sounds like you had the perfect day - thanks for sharing it with all of us - hugs - Reva (Los Angeles)

Happy, happy brithday (a day late)! Sounds like a perfect day. I've Ann Arbor on my list of day trips when the weather breaks. Ever since yuo mentioned Hollander's here on your blog I've bee dying to go! Hope the coming year is the best ever!

What a deicious post - well worth waiting for. Happy Birthday - as a fellow February birthday girl, it does seem to me that so many wonderful people are born in our month! Isn't organizing the best? Everytime I do it, I find so many treasures that I had forgotten all about and I must admit, sometimes, ones that I don't even remember getting in the first place! Your one tank trips amaze me - they're all to different states - living on the central coast of California (and driving a Miata with a 10 gallon tank) there's no way I could get to a different state on one tank of gas! The studio looks set and ready to go - I'm sure the creative juices will flow soon.
Erin in Morro Bay

Happy Birthday! The game you call 'Telephone', we called 'Gossip'. It seems it was always played as a lesson - this is what happens when you ya da ya da..... That took all the fun out of playing.
When I have creative block I always reorganize. Most of the time it works.

Happy Belated B-Day!!!

Happy Birthday, Ginny!

Hello Ginny - So glad you enjoyed FOUND. I just now discovered your blog and website (love them!) when Lynn from Kalamazoo emailed with a link to this post...small world!

The thing I always liked about that game was that a simple, unimaginative phrase would end up as something so totally different than how it began - often with a twist that would have everyone laughing or just shaking their heads in wonder. So it is with artists who work with vintage and recycled materials. I'm constantly amazed at what creative people can do with what I loving call art junk.

Stop in again - Mary

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! i'm glad to hear you had a great day. the reorganizing looks like it's coming along wonderfully. soon it will all be labeled and ready for you to create again!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Ginny
Happy Birthday to you!!!

Sounds like you had a lovely day.
Best yet, You...Found a find!
or is it...You did find a Found.

Happy Birthday Ginny!!!

Happy Birthday Ginny! May you always be endlessly inspired by both the big...and the little...things that happily fall into your life!

Glad you had a Happy Birthday, love the look of your studio...
Ann Arbour, I have always loved the sound of that place. The girls on my Paper Whimsy group are meeting there this year - I would so love to go, but it won't happen so I will dream.
Thanks for sharing thos pics with us they are fabulous.
And your telephone game, here in England we always called it "CHinese Whispers"... same game different name


♥ ♥ ♥

Wow! It's gorgeous! Are you inspired? Can you send John out to CA to do the same for me? Kidding...Glad you had a great birthday.

A very belated Happy Birthday Ginny
Hope you had a wonderful day

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