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Friday, 06 March 2009


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I love your tins! I don't think I've seen ones like that with so much detail going on. I am sure you will make something fabulous out of them and if not you have really unique looking tins to look at :)
John's coffee corner is AWESOME, like a mini cafe in your own home. ;)My husband and I are always bragging about the food and drink from the cafe chez moi, haha because we know just what we like and we always serve ourselves with smiles, which is funny because we never have left ourselves tips. That's what John needs now is a tip jar. Imagine the fortune he'd amass if he's visiting his coffee spot as often as you indicated. hahaa

Is it wrong that I like John's corner a LOT ?!

Dear John, I love your coffee corner and especially your RED mug :-)

Ginny, I think it is right you have a little holiday when your guy is away! I tend to stay up waaaaay too late when my husband is out of town.

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