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Friday, 17 April 2009


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oh my, i LOVE the bird hook!!! i want one!!!

I love the Bird hook too and the one in the top photo

You sure are hooked on hooks ;-)

I have at least 4 hooks that I HAD to have, that have never been put up.

It's a sickness!


The kitchen sink hook is my favourite! And I just have to say what an amazing sense of style you have - everything you add to your home just looks perfect to me. It must be because you decorate with items you love, but somehow it all works together so well. You have a great eye for decorating!

Hey Ginny - love the hooks! btw I have the same "puppet" hanging in my studio - I love her work - have several of her pieces - I'm hooked on Roosters of all sorts - (not the live variety) I have a collection from wooden folk styles to ceramic and metal ones - not sure why - they just appeal to me - Reva (Los Angeles)

Did you make the puppet? Love it!


Love your hooks and all the stuff hooked on them!

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