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Thursday, 30 April 2009


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You're not shaking your paint can enough and you also should be buying a decent brand of paint.

Nozzle maintenance is important.

Have your hubby help.

Love that stuff from 7g! Can understand your frustration at supplies not arriving together. Your stenciling class sounds interesting too :)

I'm glad to see a bit of your stencil class Ginny. I hadn't realized at first that it was really designed as a spray paint class. I seriously dislike those cans and the smell etc but I get her point. Interesting shadowing on the words there.

It does make you wonder about the whole self-fulfilling prophecy of the economy failure based on your efforts to get items To Sell.

Thanks for the link - online stencil classes -- how fun. Stephanie

Krylon makes a great latex-based spray paint called Krylon H2O. Water clean up with no noticeable smell. I demoed it in a class (in a hotel) recently and it was surprisingly odor-free. You can get it at Michaels and it comes in a nice selection of colors.

My, what a nice little review - thanks Ginny!

Those printed book covers are so clever. I will have to take a look at them!

The class is fun but I'm not happy with the paints either. I'm using the Maya Mists and they drip and dribble too. I'll check the nozzles. The colors are lovely though-very soft. I also don't like the idea of using spray paint-even though the results are better. The smell is awful (you never get rid of that smell on the work) and it's really bad for the environment. However, I will check out the Krylon H2O. Thanks for the that tip.

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