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Saturday, 25 April 2009


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Oh my Ginny..you had a figure at 14 and I was a skinny skinny girl. (sometimes I forget that I'm not that skinny any more!)

One of my friends grew up in DelMar and Coronado and she still has the Ugg boots she got in hs! Our east coast beach was Ocean City MD which was still family but had fun stuff for teenagers. We also had/have beaches on the bay but that usually meant jellyfish. Ugh.

Zuma is our favorite, too!!! It was like a hidden treasure when we "discovered" it-lol!!!

I was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, so the closest thing to a beach was the public pool across the street from Broadripple High School! Good times were had there though.

I've lived in Southern California since 1975 now and LOVE going to the beaches *smiles*

Fabulous photos Ginny! I just looked like a dork at 14!

We listened to the same songs too but all we had was Huntington (Bay Village) beach and cold Lake Erie as our Pacific. You were living our dream!

and up here near Santa Cruz you've got to wear a wet suit to surf! Come on a surfari with me....

dude, they still talk like that in hawaii! well, at least my nephews there do. it's that laid back pace!

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