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Friday, 22 May 2009


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Here's a fascinating book on this subject: A Year without "Made in China. http://www.amazon.com/Year-Without-Made-China-Adventure/dp/0470116137

It's amazing what a difficult challenge it was for this family to avoid buying anything made in China for an entire year.

Americans have voted and Wal-mart wins. Believe it or not low income people that live around Wal-marts are healthier.


Check it out - Support the global economy!

I do have concerns about the China issue...I try hard not to buy those products- one very distressing thing is that almost ALL of the books that we mixed media artists like are now printed in China- Won't even touch the Wallmart comment. Terry

When this came up before, I started paying more attention to what I was buying. It's astounding. One would think nothing is made in America at all.
Just within a few feet radius of where I am at this minute, here's the tally:
Computer - China
Keyboard - China
Mouse - China
Headphones - China
Metal ruler (Office Depot logo) - China
Pilot pens - Japan
Lexmark Ink - Mexico
HP Ink - Singpore
Stapler - China
Staples (Swingline) - UK
Staples (Bostitch) - USA (yippee)
Copy paper - USA (thank you USA)

... somebody stop me.. I am obsessed now.
(P.S. -- small flags from WalMart - China... go figure)

P.S. Again.. Now that I can't stop picking up things and reading the fine print, this was on a blue Sharpie Fine Point Marker - "Not for letter writing or cloth"... Huh? May I write numbers, just not letters?

We don't buy anything made in Kentucky.

Hi KY girl!

Always good to read you Ginny. Fortunately, we know how little we need to buy these days, but it is a hard decision knowing that many small US businesses depend on low priced items to make money these days.

Most of us do vote with our wallets in the end, don't we?

Mr MM... obviously you have never heard of bourbon... ixnay on the tobacco though, practically a dead industry these days. Derby Pie is to die for (made in KY). And don't bite the hand that feeds you your fine religious items (which might be made in China for all I know). Ginny, don't mind us... LOL...

The main problem I foresee with a sudden complete halt in buying Chinese is that they could, at any moment, call in the money for all the loans they have made the US to pay for the wars. China has a surplus in their budget; we have a terrific deficit that will take generations to wipe out. Another problem is that even if you think you are buying goods not made in China, you could be being misled. Many, many food products have ingredients from China; however, the manufacturers are required only to identify where the products are distributed from, not where every ingredient is obtained. It is quite a predicament. You'd be hardpressed to find a coffee pot or pair of tennis shoes or computer component that isn't made in China. It's a changing world out there, changing faster than any of us could ever imagine.

On this topic, you've got to see this Flickr photo. Too funny!


I know, I'm a day late in reading this... but I so agree with Sally. It would not be a good thing for the Chinese not to help us with loans... so it's a very fine line we all have to walk.

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