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Wednesday, 27 May 2009


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I bet I miss your store and convention almost as much as you do. You were always so nice to us when we came in despite the fact that my daughter and I brought in 6 month old twins and a 2 year old. You always made us feel welcome and we appreciaed that. You had it all, loved shopping there. Peggy

Great post ginny! Your store looks so inviting. Love those chairs around the round table, and the stools! I'd be quite happy sitting there all day chatting to you (and creating art of course!!)

Im trying to think what I miss...but doing shows isn't one of them !!! LOL and greetings from the land of OZ where I'm here teaching

I miss your store too. Thanks for posting the pictures of it to remind me of great memories of the yearly visit to Continuum and sitting at that table and browsing the great book selections. Not pictured is the Fantastic classroom in the back and the most excellent restroom!

Such a thought-full and thought provoking post. You store looks like it was a gem.

I absolutely LOVE the photo of your store. I want to pull up a chair and do a project and chat with some great people. I bet you realy had some good times there.

Thanks for sharing!

I also miss your store. Your brother in the red sweater is the image of your dad...and I miss my dad too.

Well it's a lovely list of things to miss. Even with an "almost perfect life" as you said I think we still have things to miss because that's the thread undone. One time we read somewhere about people who make such perfect mats or carpets and deliberately make a small imperfection in the threads. I guess with the notion only a higher power can create perfection. Anywho, ever since we read that if there's anything that seems a little sucky, or sad or something we miss we just declare "That's the thread undone" because beyond that everything else is so awesome. :)
I like the photos of your store, it looks like it was a creative place! The chairs look familiar I am sure I saw either them or a similarly treated surface in your home photos.
The great thing, well one of many great things, about the internet is you get to still have a store, that's no less awesome just cause it's digital :) Great post :)

This is a great post. I love those happy memories, but am sorry for the missing. Sometimes it's really difficult.

Those barstools look so welcoming. That looks like a very warm, friendly place.

The store pictures: the one with the stools and the one with the rolls of paper in the basket...which store(s) are these?

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