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Monday, 10 August 2009


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Cooking is my least favourite domestic chore. Loathe it with a passion. At the moment my son is about to marinate some lamb fillets and will make an English spinach salad with cherry tomatoes, bacon and shaved parmesan. He certainly didn't get the cooking gene from me, probably my Sicilian mother in law is responsible for that. So I'm trying to remain inconspicuouse (sp) in the hopes he will end up cooking the whole meal. I'm awful I know! Would much prefer to clean the kitchen than cook.

We are gong to see Julie & Julia tonight; can't wait. Last night I made Julia's ratatouille in honor of the summer vegetables (and her).

I loved the movie too! I went the first day it was out. I'm a big Julia Child fan from way back. I also would throw open a cookbook and ask my hubby to pick a number and what ever was on that page I would cook.

Have you read the book Julie & Julia? It's really good too! My husband and I went to see it this past weekend and loved it as well.


...saw the movie on Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed it! I'm not much of a cook, but, am looking forward to stepping that up when I (if I?) retire! Happy day!

I saw this tonight! I loved it and thought the acting was wonderful! I have got to cook more again!!

Sounds like a great movie to watch. I can’t wait to see it for myself I heard a lot of good comments about the movie.

I cannot wait to see this!! On my list of things to do once the girl goes back to school :-)

You inspired me. I'm going to see this movie and sign myself and my hubby up for a cooking class!


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