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Thursday, 13 August 2009


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Check out the Loretta Paganini Cooking School in Chesterland. They do a lot of similar things. I've been wanting to take a class out there but just never seem to find the time.

Your making me hungry Ginny

I don't live far from there and drive by often but never checked it out. I might just have to go soon. I've eaten at other places run by the Patina group though. The food is usually really great.

"They can't just be ordinary. No. I expect more from myself." Oh I knoooooooooow that feeling. My husband and I between the two of us are quite capable of turning a simple project into something akin to building the pyramids with one hand tied behind our backs. ;) It's just because I think there's no natural stop in the brain for us creative types. If you think of a good idea it just grows and grows and groooooows and before you know it you're thinking you could go ahead and plant the seeds that grows the trees to mill for pulp to make the paper to collage and cut and paint and stamp for invitations...haha ;) well it's heck of a lot better feeling then having no ideas at least.
I havn't seen the Julie and Julia movie yet but I'm looking forward to it. I very much enjoy cooking, I find it's just another creative outlet. The other night I made homemade graham crackers and discovered you could sculpt the dough into a face to bake and let your husband eat to satisfy any zombie-esque cravings he might have. hahahahaha

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