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Wednesday, 16 September 2009


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Having spent MANY summers going to Nebraska to see my Grandparents on the farm, this brings back lots of memories. Not all pleasant, before AC and allergy pills, sleeping on feather beds and the corn dusk killing me.

But there were many fun times learning crafts with my "one room schoolhouse teacher" of a grandma. And riding on the tractor with grandpa. Pictures are more pleasant than the cow smells, and the green tennis shoes from stepping in a cowpaddy. Ha! And they were bright white to begin with.



You scored, lady! OK, I'll bite...what the heck are cow tags? I mean, it's obvious and yet I don't understand the details. Share please...and, will these show up in your shop? hee hee

That first photo reminded me of Holland! I loved your holiday photos :-)

What a great stock of things you all found. I wish I was going on a trip to the hinterlands sometime. You give me hope that there are still undiscovered old things about.

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