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Friday, 11 September 2009


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I am really enjoying the Road Trip Series!

I'm with you on the no-high-heels thing! Not sure about Bingo-Pickles??? You can play bingo and eat pickles? Or play bingo With pickles? Have enjoyed your road trip!

I am sooo enjoying your road trip! I am currently laid up with a kidney infection. Believe me aside from a kidney stone just about the worst pain ever for a guy! I am not sure about the Bingo-Pickles sign but I can certainly tell you about Taco Johns it is a chain I remember growing up in Montana. Wonderful cheap tacos. Many wonderful memories there from high school. Now that I've given you way too much personal info I will sign off now...

I agree on the no high heels too! Some seriously fun signs there. And I'd love to know the meaning behind that whole Bingo-Pickles sign.

"Pickles" are a type of pull-tab lottery game ticket sold in Nebraska, similar to a scratch off ticket.

I grew up playing Pickles at the Catholic church feasts in Denver, Colorado. Hundreds (maybe even thousands) of the "pull tab type lottery ticket" come in a pickle barrel (5 gallon bucket). They cost any where from .25 to $5. Kelsey was addicted to them this summer at the Sacred Heart Feast in Denver.

What really happened is when the "Dick Van Dyke Show" went off the air, Buddy and his wife Pickles opened up a Bingo parlor!

Thanks Gail and Tobey for enlightening the rest of us.

Or if you win at Bingo you get a pickle?? The real game sounds like a hoot. (now I want a Pickle card or 5, Shopppping??) Though the idea of Buddy & Pickles opening up a bingo parlor sounds cool too. I can just see Buddy in his bad racetrack plaid jacket up calling numbers & Pickles selling the cards.
That Bob's Big Boy is such a neat building plus the food is yummy. Did you have the Big Boy Platter when you were there?? Sis & I still insist on going when we visit the 'rents'. Dad just moans in pain, but loves it too.

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