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Friday, 11 September 2009


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Loving the photos and the stories Ginny!

I would lovvvve to see real live buffalo in real un-zooified life!!! (live as opposed to dead which I guess I don't need to specify...)
I don't think I realized there were any WILD buffalo left, I think I feel some hidden inner cowgal urges surfacing...Hmmm
The car stonehenge is a hoot. I especially love the fact that there's a dinosaur near by, cause...why not? I could see how after slaving over a pile of automotive henge art one would think the only missing thing is a dinosaur! Love these pics, playing tourist is fun!
Alan and I have stopped a few times at the Cabazon Dinosaurs in Ca and took a ton of photos of ourselves at their feet. :)

Wouldn't mind living in Buffalo Bill's house. Isn't it gorgeous. $3900 wouldn't even pave a driveway nowdays. Love CARhenge too.

We never got that close to any buffalo when we drove to Utah but I did shriek when I first saw one!

Car-henge....hmmm that's a new one to me. Must need another road trip west.

I just love Buffalo Bills House, fabulous. You are sharing things I may never get to see in my life time, it's great!

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