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Thursday, 17 September 2009


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The takeout box centerpiece is super. Please let SIL know it was inspiring for my next party.
Too bad you didn't get a chance to get to the Pasadena train station too. I love the Greene Hotel in Pasadena, it used to have it's own departure area for the train but has be 'renovated' to death so you can hardly see it.
Thanks for the photos of the new Zinnia. The old shop was such fun & the new place looks like it has gone over the top for neat goodies. I agree with you, if you are in the area it is a can't miss stop for neat things. I'm so addicted now that I call her & ask for a Zinna fix. Between Small Studio, block96 & Zinnia, I'm in goodie heaven.
Thank you for the roadtrip. I want to hit the road. ~C8>

Good golly that Zinnia shop looks cool. I am so glad you upload such giant pictures cause I love clicking on them so I can look closer and *nose through the shop* vicariously via photo. Maybe when I was staring hard at the awesome newsprint covered stands/tables in the Halloween display photo a customer was looking at the same time and I gave them psychic goosebumps. :D
Also an author who wrote in the tub!!!!!! That's my kind if author, I swear I'd write in the tub if I could, well actually I have (in the sharing too much information category) I've written poems and jotted down craft ideas and bits of stories from the tub before. hahaha
Your sister-in-law's flowers are really cool also, brilliant idea for a Chinese food feast!
Oh and in answer to your question, SPECIAL of course, :D

Love the shot of the shadowed iron window. And that shop looks pretty incredible.

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