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Thursday, 10 September 2009


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I'm like you Ginny in that I love knowing I can now forget most anything and there'll be a Target or Walmart. But for food, most of the time, we eat local. Once in a very blue moon, I'll get some potatoes in a McD when we have our first potty stop. Other than that,I'll have scouted some place on line or thru our GPS or our Iphones. I just can't get the man to do back roads. That's what I do on my own. :-(

I really like that pink and red building. I wonder what it was, a store? A home? I wonder what the owners were thinking, it's pretty cool!
And as for which is better, most definitely originality, the small town things. I thought "homogenized" was the perfect way to describe the way things are becoming...well becoming to a point. It'll never be all the way. :D

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