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Monday, 07 September 2009


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That's a great story ... but I must say, my heart did a little flipflop and I let out with an "aaawwww" as I read the last sentence!

I love road trips and am itching for one. (This always happens in the fall.) One of my favorites was my "leaf-peeper" trip to the New England states. One of the reasons I loved it so much was because we took the car ferry over Lake Champlain, and I LOVE car ferries.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. Your road trip is my vicarious thrill!

Wow -- I'm drooling over those abandoned buildings!

Oh you know Ginny...love em and leave em. ;-) Glad you two were able to get back to what was meant to be I'd say!

Aw gee, that story would be heart breaking if it didn't have a happy ending :D I love the romantic gesture of mistletoe, that's so sweet!
I can't believe how many abandoned, or at least closed up old buildings you all have run across. That's kind of sad too, but they have a certain beauty too. A bit like monuments themselves, stonehenge of the old timey toursity age ;)

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