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Tuesday, 20 October 2009


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Ohhh, I like the idea of a chandelier that you can switch out the pieces from. If it's clips holding those papers then nothing says it has to be papers, IMAGINE FALL LEAVES!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, that just totally popped into my head a second a go, and in all caps like that too! But seriously while fall leaves might not last forever hanging up, for a few days, like a Thanksgiving meal etc, it could be cooooooool.
Also if you had cutlery with holes drilled through them or wires wrapped around you could probably clip them too..... Ok, just gave myself chills, BECAUSE, IF you used cutlery that you didn't want to permanently damage, and you wrapped a nice matching wire around them, you could have a cutlery chandelier after your fall leaf chandelier and then take the cutlery back down some day when you needed it again.

How gorgeous is the chandelier
the imagination is working over time

Ohh I like that chandelier! How much is it going for?

Were they Canadian geese? If so you should have run them over with your car! Those things are nothing but pests!

Very cool chandelier. It could be an always-changing artpiece.

I love all these pictures. I can't buy the Pottery Barn version, but I do use several fabric-less lampshades as chandeliers. for my daughter's college graduation, we hung one with double sided photos of her throughout her life - several dozen hung with ribbon. It was mostly fun to hunt up the pictures!

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