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Monday, 05 October 2009


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Your trip sounds awesome! I'd comment more on that but I can't tear my eyes away from that drawer unit...seventy five drawers...oh my. It is GORGEOUS! That is seriously one of the coolest furniture/storage pieces I have ever seen! I have this theory that if I just had enough drawers I'd be the most organized woman in the world... ;)
Dragon fruit, I've never had it fresh but we bought some dried and it tasted like nothing, like..no sweet, no sour just dry nothing. So I do hope the fresh was tastier. :)

Those drawers look like they belong in my studio!!

I went to the Dali museum in Paris, and really enjoyed it :)

#1 Granddaughter is beautiful! What a great trip!

Hi Ginny, I hope you and John had a wonderful time. It sounds like you have. The weather had been really nice last week too. Your granddaughter is gorgeous...heart breaker for sure. Please tell me where you found the drawers. I live about an hour away from where you were visiting. If they are still around I'd love to see if they fit in DH's truck.
D in FL :D
donatelloh at hot mail dot com

Donna: The drawers were actually in an Antique Mall somewhere in the Carolina's. We stopped at so many on our way down and our way back that we can't remember.
TACE: I agree that if only we had the right drawers we would be organized. I am working on it!
Leslie: Kelsey is also a real sweetheart. One of these days we might all be in the same place at the same time.
Rachel: Loved the museum and will put the Paris one on my bucket list.

Thanks for letting me know. I pretty much scour the area here for finds like that drawer set and wondered how it escaped me. The Carolinas are a bit far for me to travel right now. :( Oh well, the pursuit continues...

I love the Dali museum too. Every time my BIL visits it's the first place he wants to go. I've seen something new every time we go. They had a fantastic show a couple years ago with both Dali and Warhol. It's definitely a great local treasure.

Thanks again for letting me know.
D in FL :D

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