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Friday, 06 November 2009


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Mail art is cool. I was really only doing it for one person, my Grandma, but she passed away recently. In an odd coincidence, I ended getting back, the last decorated envelope I sent her, which she never got. Not meaning to be a downer cause it's actually a really cool thing. My mail art, while rather simple and barely qualifying as art and more a decorated envelope" made quite a trip to Canada and back and providing lots of smiles to the faces that went with the hands it passed through! :) Mail art rules!!!
I love that envelope, bamboo calligraphy, GORGEOUS! I love that idea of letters that look like they're growing!
I think the only thing I wish I'd kept up with that I started years ago would be....hmmm....maybe stained glass work... I did a weeeee little bit years ago. Was fun. :)

Gin...remembering my roots which started with mail art AND Calligraphy...makes me want to go right upstairs to my studio and make something. Haven't done any of that in years and now I can see I miss it.
All your 'fault'..in such a good way !

My "used to" is growing and crafting with herbs; I used to make alot of wreaths, especially at Christmas. Now I live in a rented condo with no dirt, except in a couple of small pots. I still have a lemon verbena, though. It is a must for me.

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