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Wednesday, 04 November 2009


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Keep your stamps Ginny! How about you ink them up and we can swap some mail art?

Sounds like a great idea, Rachel. Let's do it!

I agree, keep your stamps Ginny, your designs are awesome and things always seem to go in cycles..who knows, the art of stamping may return. Love the photo of your home.

That piece doesn't really work there.

Funny, I am using my stamps more than ever..love the baackground ones..I like the piece over the door..love your room..

*sniff, sniff* Those were wonderful, fun days! I started when the Rubber Stamp Album was published, before there even were stamp stores(!)..just ordering from Leavenworth Jackson and several other *pioneers*. I have BOXES of stamps and though I have donated some to a worthy children's program, I have the majority of them, still.
There are so many that it's difficult to use them...a big production to get them all out! Yet, when I occasionally decide it's time to move on, I dig through to save a few favorites and in the end, I can't do it either.
Just the other day, I was lamenting my recent, creeping neglect and decided to try to start remembering birthdays with actual mailed cards again. Who knows, I may even bring out some stamps and the Prismacolors again.
Thanks for *the memories*, Ginny!

I had started stamping and then found the Rubber Stamp Album in my bookstore. It had just been published. I sent away for every catalog mentioned in the book.

Years later I met Lowry Thompson (author) and we became friends. Lost contact with her after she moved to Maine. She was a fragile person.

Yes, those were the days, my friend, etc.


Ginny Carter Smallenburg

WEB http://www.smallstudioproductions.com

ETSY http://smallstudio.etsy.com

BLOG http://smallstudio.typepad.com

I started stamping in the early 90's - I've never looked back. I still own thousands, although I occasionally purge some. It is sad to see stamping falling by the way side. I would attend the original Stamp Convention in Carson when it was huge - that's when I found Stampers Anonymous. I'm hoping we see stamping cycle back around...

Hi Connie,

The interesting thing is that stamping has really gotten big in Europe and Australia like it was here a few years ago.

When I was creative director at SA after I sold it, the trade shows (business to business) were full of Swedes, French,

Aussies and Germans and very few American store owners. That is what is keeping the big stamp companies in business.

Thanks for your comment. I cant part with my old stamps either. I started in the 70s stamping.


Ginny Carter Smallenburg

WEB http://www.smallstudioproductions.com

ETSY http://smallstudio.etsy.com

BLOG http://smallstudio.typepad.com

I was on Prodigy in the early 90's! I was Rubberjunkie. Not sure if you were on there then. I used to go to the big stamping conventions in CA. Three of my kids practically grew up at those conventions. lol!

I've spent the afternoon poring over my old mail art, so long neglected. I've been trying to learn what became of arto posto. I'm feeling the need to get my paintbox out and mail again.
Skybridge Studios/Thundersite

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